Quackin' good apps and websites builtfor you

We’re a small team of developers who love writing software according to your specific needs.

  • Websites – be it a static website, blog, e-commerce site or something else. We can build and host it for you.
  • Web Apps – it looks like everyone has their own app these days. We can build and maintain yours too.
  • Integrations – wish two (or more) of your current apps could just work together already. We’ll make it happen.
Why choose us?

What makes us so duckin' special?

Building your next big idea or website can be a major endeavour. It’s important that you can trust helping you along the way. Here’s why we’re the best choice for you.

Experts in software

Having worked on different projects in different industries, we know what we're doing

Attention to detail

Quality software is all about paying attention to the small details that make the user experience perfect. We're obsessed with those details.

Transparent and upfront

We pride ourselves in being transparent and upfront with the work and costs involved in a project. We never want to surprise you with unexpected costs.


Let's not get caught up in the jargon! We don't want to overwhelm you with 'tech talk'. We explain everything thoroughly in simple terms.

Diverse Technology

We are willing and eager to work across different technology stacks. We use the most appropriate technology stack for your particular needs, including considering your existing technology.


Software services are often overpriced. Our services are affordable priced, so rest assured you'll get the best bang for your bucks.

Quack us

Ready to build your next big idea! Contact us to schedule a complimentary 30 minute introduction call, or let us know if you have any questions.